Are you feeling blue?

By | November 21, 2013

Hopefully you are into blue!  Blue seems to be a dominant colour in Pantone’s colour forceasting for  both spring 2013 and upcoming 2014. Here’s how it’s playing out….

 Monaco Blue (Spring 2013)
 Dazzling Blue (Spring 2014)

Two blues, but with great differences.  I can’t say blue is a big favourite of mine, but I am really into Monaco blue because it is a warmer blue that is approaching navy. I don’t think it is a blue that you would  catagorize as trendy. Perhaps timeless would be a better descriptor.   Dazzling Blue seems to be a colour that will not be  around for the long haul.  It is cold, quite exciting ,and lends itself well to accessorizing.   It isn’t exactly a colour you snooze to.  Could you have it on a wall?  Not me, but there are those who would.  

You could use it a little or go whole hog and saturate your space with it. 

 Welcome to the world of dazzling blue….

 …. put it on the outside
on furniture or pillows…

 I really like it mixed with various grays and all that texture.  Both serve to tame it down a little.  You will notice quite a bit of colour variation in the blues above. Mixing a more vibrant dazzling blue in with “tamer” blues seems to be a good solution if you aren’t into bright. 

on a wall….
 Whenever I see these fresh, intense blues my mind goes to warm countries like Greece.  Since I don’t live in one, it could explain why I am having trouble warming up to this selection.

or a poof…
This is a truly dazzling accent piece that could find a home in most decors.

 in glass or flowers…

and tile …

on chairs …

 or bowls…
 or a pillow with lots of other fun colours. 
And here it is with Celosia orange another Pantone selection for spring 2014.
These colours  show up on the runway too! 
Which type of blue decorator are you?

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