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Revisiting antlers in decor

 In 2014 I wrote a post about the popularity of antlers in home design:  I had reservations about their overuse.  Whenever anything becomes too popular I am automatically reticent about employing the trend in my own home or  the homes of clients.  I decided there was a middle ground when it  comes to using antlers in an interesting… Read Post »

Thrifty decor: Bring on the green

Do you like a little nature inside your home? Do you love to find something that looks good and costs little or nothing? Do you like quick  pops of texture and colour ? Barnacle vessel by Anita Singh Then think ferns.  Wild ones, the ones you see growing in the woods or other damp places.  They are  a… Read Post »

5 Ways to add interest to a dining room

When someone says dining room, what picture appears in your mind?  Try  it.  List the elements. For many of us these words conjure up a dining room set with everything matching, a chandelier and some sort of hutch or maybe buffet.  Probably a picture of some sort will be included.  I bet matching is the most obvious characteristic.… Read Post »