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Bedroom Decor

Bedroom Decor When it comes to bedroom décor, you should think more about it then you may have realized. There are many sleep disorders out there, and you might be surprised to know that how you decorate your bedroom and what you put into it might make a difference in how you sleep. Though a sleeping disorder might… Read Post »

Give new life to your living room

Give new life to your living room Want to improve your house, one of the easiest way is to paint your house. But most of the time we get confused about the color combination which is to be used in our house. Now don’t you have to get confused any more with painting books that are available in… Read Post »

7 Tips for creating a DIY summer house

March is the month when my heart beats a little faster because spring is on its way and opening our summer place begins to be a reality. Each year at this time I plan what the coming year will bring in repairs and DIY projects.  This post summarizes some of our past projects and how they have come… Read Post »

Christmas Craft For Holiday Family Gathering

Christmas Craft For Holiday Family Gathering In many countries, it is a long-held tradition to gather with the family during the days leading to Christmas to make Christmas crafts. As early as the 18th century, society women gathered with their friends to make Christmas crafts. They made, among other things, such items as small Christmas stars and paper… Read Post »

You want what? Not in Newfoundland

Rant warning! Have you ever noticed how your location impacts design because of availability of products? I live in a terrific city, St. John’s,  on a beautiful island, Newfoundland, in the North Atlantic known for its culture and brightly coloured homes. source   But there is a downside to living on an island; it doesn’t always provide ready access… Read Post »