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Colour Trends: Looking back and looking forward

There’s nothing like the end of a year to make you hop around in your thinking.  While I’m busy considering the colour trends for 2015, I’m  also looking back to see connections and possible threads that can make these new colours have a little more staying power. I’m interested in creating fresh looks through creative use of what… Read Post »

10 reasons to love Olive Green for 2018

Many shades of olive green  You may have lived through the avocado phase many years ago, but don’t nix olive green automatically because of that.  I am talking about a new updated olive green look.  One that can be both traditional or contemporary.  One that takes on many faces depending on its pairing.  Just think about it this… Read Post »

Design trend 2018: Move over Ikat and Suzani

It’s that time of year again. People are beginning to think about 2015 and what it will bring. When you’re a home decor blogger that always means checking out the hot new trends. So here goes- my first trend snippet for 2015. Sometimes even patterns we love can lose favour if they are overused.  Chevron comes to mind.… Read Post »