Reclaimed wood works

By | December 31, 2013

 Old is good. What is old can be new again with a little ingenuity, and I don’t mind admitting that the art side of my brain has lots of that.   I think reclaimed wood  is beautiful, and this summer I made great finds on the beaches near our summer house.

Are you wondering how this connects to decor?  Keep reading!

reclaimed wood Newfoundland
Atlantic Ocean beach wood

 Storm tossed and sea sanded house/shed remnants  were dragged home against my better half’s judgement. At the time I answered the strong call emitted by these materials, but  I didn’t know why I needed them.  My art often begins with the call of materials rather than with sketches and preconceived notions of a final product.

 Margaret Ryall Duntara workshop
Not a pretty site/sight

No this is not the home decor section!

Move over hubby,  I am taking possessions of your precious workshed and tools.  Yep!  I know my way around drills, bandsaws, chopsaws and sanders and I discovered construction adhesive will stick most everything together. Drop paintbrushes, fine papers and canvas.  I have a new palette and perhaps a new series for exhibition.

This one is my keeper.

Reclaimed wood assemblage Beach Quilt Margaret Ryall
Beach Quilt, Margaret Ryall, 2013, reclaimed wood

 And here it is in the back entry of my summer house.  I have to wait until May to see it again (and take some decent shots of it).

You’ve reached the home decor part

Stay tuned for more creative moments in my life.  What have you created for your home lately?

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