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10 reasons to love Olive Green for 2018

Many shades of olive green  You may have lived through the avocado phase many years ago, but don’t nix olive green automatically because of that.  I am talking about a new updated olive green look.  One that can be both traditional or contemporary.  One that takes on many faces depending on its pairing.  Just think about it this… Read Post »

At Home: Finishing touches for a contemporary home

Accepting a visitor/decorator into your home to deconstruct it in words and pictures is not for the faint of heart.  There’s  an element of trust in this endeavour, trust that I will represent the home in a truthful and pleasing way. Knowing this, I am always so pleased when homeowners accept my proposal to highlight their home and… Read Post »

Are you a design rebel?

What’s your first instinct if someone tells says you shouldn’t do something? Do you automatically want to do it?  I do!   Most people would agree that there are rules/guidelines in interior design. They impact decisions about all sorts of things,  e.g.,  hanging lights, choosing the right scale furniture, selecting colour schemes, etc.   I guess following them is a… Read Post »

Blue- A home decor trend to watch

 It seems like only yesterday I  wrote my  2013  home decor trends  post,  and I’ve already looked at Pantone’s Colour of the year, Radiant Orchid, and suggested  ways to integrate this vibrant colour into your decor. What else can we expect in the coming year? While Radiant Orchid is Pantone’s colour of the year, I think it will… Read Post »

Feeling red

I’m a firm believer that colour provides us with certain benefits at certain times and  I take note when I find myself attracted to a certain colour.  My past loves have been black, green and purple.   All of a sudden I am hugely attracted tored  and I want it around me in my home.  This is a… Read Post »